Departments and Ranks

Police Department – Alaska State Troopers

Our police division, which is the largest division in the entire community, focuses on providing safety and justice to those who live in Liberty City. It is not easy doing the job that our police officers do, and we lose members of the force almost daily. Because of this, the Alaska State Troopers are a vital aspect of our community. This being said, all speeding tickets are $100 regardless of the person, or the situation, which may not make many people happy.

     Ranks (In Descending Order)

Deputy Chief
1st Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenant
Senior Trooper

 Special Emergency Response Team

The Special Emergency Response Team, or “SERT”, is basically the Alaska State Police Department’s “SWAT”. SERT is called in on any dangerous calls, which will call for heavy firepower, or more skilled and advanced officers, rather than the standard troopers. Please note, since this is a subdivision of the police department, we only have two ranks. You would still be listed as a normal trooper, as well as a SERT member, if recruited for SERT. For example, your rank would be listed like so: “[Trooper][SERT]”.

    Ranks (In Descending Order)


 Fire Department and Emergency Medical Service

The fire department is composed of Alaska’s finest firefighters, and is one of our most crucial departments for search and rescue missions. The fire department has all the equipment needed for dive missions and such, once again, making them a very valuable asset along with the fact that they put out fires for us. The EMS group for Alaska does a lot of the same thing. Our EMS division is connected to our dire department, so you will see both responding to calls quite often.

     Ranks (In Descending Order)
Volunteer Paramedic

MATCOM (Dispatch)

The MATCOM division is made up of people who do not own Grand Theft Auto IV for PC, or simply people who would like to be a member of MATCOM. MATCOM will give out calls and direct communication between officers and other departments.

     Ranks (In Descending Order)

MATCOM Supervisor
MATCOM Dispatcher
MATCOM Qualified


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